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How to batch rename files?

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Step1. Click "Next Step" to editing window, then click "Renmae" tab to rename all of your images in seconds.


Step2. Learn more about batch rename function

Note: You cannot change filename extension to directly change its format on this step.

If you want to rename one image file, you just need to input character, numeric, or alphanumeric value directly into Rename Box.

If you want to sort several images numerically, you should input symbol # and then select "Numeric auto counter", just like shown below.

If you want to sort a large amount of images alphabetically, you should input symbol # first and then select "Alpha auto counter".

If you want to keep original filename of images and sort them numerically/alphabetically, you need to input * first and add symbol # after it, as the picture shown below.

If you want to rename and sort a large amount of images (more than 100 images) at once, you need to input ###.

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