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How to Copyright Pictures

Nov 22, 2015 / Posted by Jenny Sun

The copyright picture is protected object what holder does not would like anybody use it without his permission. The idealess situation is adding watermark to pictures which means during the watermarking process without quality lost and resize.

You need proper picture watermark program to accomplish the job. You can find it via search keywords "watermark software", "picture watermark software", "a software for copyright pictures"... on Google.

The name of Watermark Software is best one of them, it able help you copyright pictures with little times and support add text watermark, image watermark, logo, sign to pictures for protect the pictures without unauthorized using. Watermark Software has simple operating step let you watermarking pictures within 3 steps, the better is process of watermarking over 500 pictures less than 1 minute.

The First Step of Copyright Your Pictures is Backup Your Originals

I do not want to you lose your original pictures from operating errors, so the first thing please backup your original picture to another folder or portable storage like USB flash drives, actually you should have habit of backup original files.

The process of add copyright to picture is irreversible. Once your pictures are watermarked, you can not longer get the original pictures, so backup originals is requisite.

The Second Step is Install Watermark Software to Your Computer

As we know Watermark Software is the proper picture watermark program for copyright pictures, so the second step is finding the program and installing it to your computer. Here are two ways to find Watermark Software:

1. Directly visit the website: http://www.watermark-software.com/

2. If you can not remember the domain name, you can find it from Google, input words "watermark software" and click search button and click top 1 item.

Here you can download the program at below button

Free Download Photo Watermark Software

Install Watermark Software to your computer after downloaded and keep reading how to copyright pictures with the program.

How to Copyright Pictures with Watermark Software

1. Launch and load your pictures, and then click NEXT button to continue.

load your pictures

2. Central step - set your watermark(s)

Set your watermark

2-1 Here are 6 tags include "Add Text", "Add Image", "Add Frame", "Crop" "Resize" and "Rename". Click "Add Image" tag.

2-2 Click the folder icon or double click the umbrella icon to open watermark loading interface. In the watermark loading interface, you can select watermark to copyright pictures or loading your own watermark, loaded watermarks will save to User-defined category.

loading your own watermark

2-3(optional) Resize your watermark.

2-4 (optional) Adjust opacity and rotate watermark.

2-5 (optional) Arrangement with two modes.

2-6 Arrangement, you can also drag watermark to a locality which you want.

2-7 (option) Auto resize watermark for batch mode. If you have add copyright watermark to lot of pictures, selecting the box you will get watermark resize automatically adapt each picture size.

2-8 (important) Click "Ok" button to apply all of settings.

2-9 (optional) Save current settings to single file for next using and load the file.

2-10 (optional) Create new text watermark and image watermark or delete them.

2-11 (optional) Click "Run" button to continue.

3. Output setting

3-1 Select an output folder for save copyrighted pictures.

3-3 Choose output format from all popular image formats.

3-3 Click "Run" button to start output process, if you add watermark to 100 picures, just waiting less than 1 minute.


Sample of copyright pictures

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