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Convert Video to GIF Image Format

Last updated on Mar 26, 2020 / Posted by Nina Jiang

Part 1. What is "Convert Video to GIF Image Format"?

Part 2. How to Convert Video to GIF Image With Video to GIF Converter

What is "Convert Video to GIF Image Format"?

GIF, a bitmap image format is abbreviated from Graphics Interchange Format was created in 1987 by CompuServe, (CompuServe Information Service, also known by its acronym CIS), who is the first major commercial online service in the US. GIF, since created it comes into widespread usage on the World Wide Web. Because its portability and wide support, it is one of the most fashionable image formats in the world. That's also the reason why we talk about convert video to GIF image format.

As all we know, video is made of countless pictures. But, to convert video to GIF images is not as easy as we say. Most of video players support capturing video screenshot or movie stills from video. That is the easiest way to convert video picture. But, not all video players can take pictures from video and save as GIF image format. And not any video player can offer high image quality and image edit functions. So, if you want to convert video to GIF, you need a professional software application to perfect your GIF image.

Here I want to introduce a great software application which can easily help you convert video to GIF image format with high image quality and powerful edit functions. It is Video to GIF Converter which enable users to convert gif animation from video clips,convert video to static picture list, convert video to all popular image formats, convert video to TV Wall ( different picture in a static picture), capture an image from a video file. This powerful software enables you to preview video and can collect the video information such as "Total Time", "Total Frames", "Video Size", "Frame Rate", "Aspect" and "Work Area". Video to GIF Converter is very easy to use.

That's not the whole performance. Video to GIF Converter supports resizing GIF image, you can set any size as your wish. And it supports three interpolation options for all users: Sawtooth, Sharpen, Smooth. Video to GIF Converter provides 12 effects for users to choose. It's really an amazing video to picture converter.

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How to Convert Video to GIF Image With Video to GIF Converter

Step1. Launch Video to GIF Converter, input a video that you want to conversion.

Step2, Drag the "Progress Bar" or type "Start" and "End" time to set output length of time.

Step3(Optional), You can also resize the output images.

Step4, Click "Run" button to open output settings.

Step5, Click the circular "Run" button to start convert video to animated GIF or seriate pictures.

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