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How Could You Add Captions to Photos Effectively

Nov 20, 2015 / Posted by Jenny Sun

Nowadays, people like to deliver their digital photos and pictures onto the Internet, and then share them with their family and friends. However, lacking protection, their pictures may be spread without authorization. In order to protect these pictures not to be used illegally, you need to cultivate a habit of watermarking photos. There are kinds of photo watermark software in the market at present. But Photo Watermark Software can be the best one. Now, you can follow the tutorial below step by step to learn how to add captions to photos. You will be satisfied with its performance.

Step 1 – Launch Photo Watermark Software and Add Photos (Click Here to Download)

First you need to install this wonderful photo watermark software and then open it immediately. After that you will see a simple friendly user interface from which you can understand what to do at a glance. Next you need to press “Add Files “button to choose which photos should be watermarked. Then, click “Next “button to go to step 2.

Launch Photo Watermark Software and Add Photos

Step 2 – Click “Add Text” Button to Add Captions to Photos

After choosing some photos, you can start adding captions to photos. Moreover, it’s also available to crop, resize or rename original photos.

Click “Text Setting” button. You need to type captions in the blank and then select current font, change font size as well as set font color. In addition, you are also able to shadow your captions or add background color to enrich your captions. If all have been finished, click “Apply “button.

Click “Add Text” Button to Add Captions to Photos

Note: Photo Watermark Software not only helps you control the opacity of your captions but also allow you to add more than one text layer. In other words, you can add different text watermarks to the same photo and place them wherever you want.

Step 3 – Click “Next “Button and Select Output Folder

Click “Next” button. You’ll see another window. Here, you need to select an output folder. Moreover, if you want to change your photos’ original format, this watermark software will satisfy you. Converting your photos to various pop formats, such as JPG, BMP, TGA, PCX, etc is OK. At last all you need to do is to press the big blue “Run “button. All tasks will be accomplished well in minutes. See the following picture.

Click “Next “Button and Select Output Folder

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