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Last updated on Mar 25, 2020 / Posted by Christopher Woods

Part 1. What is Picture Watermark

Part 2. How to Use Picture Watermark to Protect Picture Copyright

What is Picture Watermark

Picture watermark is almost the same as image watermark. They are both used to copyright photos and prevent people from copying and using your digital photos without your consent. A picture watermark is actually an image or a logo which could be inserted into pictures or photos. The symbolized image/text/logo can be designed at your will to make your pictures or photos unique. With copyright info on your photos, these photos can only belong to you. Others who want to use your photo commercially, they need to get your permission or even pay the money. Nowadays, it’s trendy to apply picture watermark to protect and personalize photos before upload online.

What is Picture Watermark

See the picture shown above, we embed an image watermark to it and it’s pretty difficult for others to remove. So protecting your image works is very easy by adding picture watermark with good picture watermark software, which can help to add picture watermark to your photos effortlessly.

How to Use Picture Watermark to Protect Picture Copyright

You should first choose a professional watermark software program. If you have no ideas how to find a good one, I recommend you to try Watermark Software developed by watermark-software.com. It provides straightforward method to create different kinds of text watermark/ picture watermarks for your photo and can enable to add watermark to hundreds of pictures at one go. What’s more, more editing options are also available, such as cropping, resizing or renaming photos at once.

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Step 1 – Launch & Add Pictures

Click here to download this watermark software first, install it on your computer and then launch it. You need to import the picture that you want to add watermark to and then click "Next Step" button to Step 2.

Launch Picture Watermark and Add Pictures

Note: You are allowed to add different types of watermarks, such as text watermark or image watermark. Meanwhile adding a cool frame to make your photos more beautiful is also available.

Step 2 – Click “Add Image” to Add Picture Watermark

Click “Image“ tab to begin to customize your own watermark. Place it wherever you want. Moreover, controlling the transparency of the image watermarks is available as well.

Click “Add Image” to Add Picture Watermark

Note: With this program , you are able to add more than one image layer. That means, you can add different images on the same picture just like the picture above.
Besides, apart from the free watermark materials this watermark software provides, you can load watermarks to create your own fantastic watermark library.

Step 3 – Start to Watermark Pictures

Press “Next Step” button. You’ll see another window. Here, you need to select an output folder. Moreover, this software also supports you to convert your photos to various pop formats, such as JPG, BMP, TGA, PCX, etc.

At last all you need to do is to hit “Run “button. Within minutes the whole process will be OK.

Click Next Button and Start to Watermark Pictures

Watermarking pictures is very easy. Why not protect your image copyright with this tool right now?

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