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Add Image Watermark with The Best Photo Software

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Add watermark to image with Watermark Software

Part 1. What Features Should A Good Image Watermarking Software Have?

Part 2. What Else Can It Do for Us?

Part 3. How to Watermark Animated Images Simply?

Watermark Software is the best image watermark software. It allows you to turn any image into a watermark, so that you are free to create any image watermarks in any photos. It has a brief interface and supports all photo formats. Mere 3 steps are enough for image watermarking. Final “Run” in the watermark creator will active the mission to create & innovate image with watermark.

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What Features Should A Good Image Watermarking Software Have?

It’s time to have a look at the photo watermark software. Open image watermark software, you will be impressed by its cool interface. There are 4 interface backgrounds appeared at random, which are all photographers’ favor.

 Image watermark software

But it’s just an interface for photo loading. Only by finishing loading, can you be lead to the operating window, which has all features visibly blended in. That is the main operating interface.

Add watermark to image - image watermarking software

Add Image to Photo In The Best Way

You can choose to add watermark from hard drive or use the watermark in its library. Select “Add Custom Watermark” to add any outside photo watermark from any folder. You are allowed to add any format image, including animated GIF or psd file from Photoshop. Or you can simply click the image demonstrated in the “Watermark Sample” section.

Add watermark to image - add outside imageAdd watermark to image - add library image

Set The Display of Image Watermarking

Of course, you can set your image watermarking display. You can change its Opacity, Rotate Rate, Tile using, Shadow Color, Shadow size, Shadow Opacity as well as select its Blend mode. You can change any of these parameters until you get your ideal image watermarks on photos.

Add watermark to image - modify watermark

Resize & Set Watermark Position

To resize image watermark is also enabled. You only need to drag and move the corner of watermark til its size fit. As for setting image watermark position, it’s pretty easy by dragging the center of it to the place where you like. All are simple operations.

Add watermark to image - resize watermark

Save The Image Watermark

Right after all the modifications, you will be satisfied at last, with an image finally set. Maybe in an interface showed like below, you will like to save the image watermark. For this needs, Watermark Software has Template selection: simply clicking Template button, you can save it & use it next time.

Save the image watermark project as a template

What Else Can It Do for Us?

Image watermark software can do better jobs besides the main features above. Glance at the graphic below to know more.

It well supports adding signature to photos with any input words. Various font effects are enabled. As long as you have installed the font, you can change text in the font. Besides, a photo with your handing writing signature can be well applied as an image watermark with no background color. Other 9 text effects can perfectly brand your signature.
Photo Effect
Photo Landscaping

[Effect] Over hundred photo effects are kept for your selection. Filter will satisfy all kinds of needs in beautifying photo. It can mimic high-end camera lens to make a difference in photo, including realize Bokeh, Mosaic, etc.

Photo Frame
Photo Frame and Element
Over 200 photo frames and materials are remained. They are in kinds of styles & fodders, maximizing the beautify in photos.
Amazing speed
Amazing Processing Speed

No way can you find other software to process 300 photos in 1 min. The optimizing solution save your time.

Download Editors's Rating
CNet Rating 4.5 Star
The newly-designed watermark software, protect and retouch your photo & video all with a few clicks. Learn More >

Image watermarking software output

How to Watermark Animated Images Simply?

If you want to add still image to animated GIF photos, then you just need to load GIF photos in the very first step, add still image watermark or text watermark, and choose Output Format as “CompuServe Bitmap(*.gif)” in last “Run”. After that, you may see some GIF with watermark in output folder. Below is an instance of it:

The sample of watermarked image animation

Download Editors's Rating
CNet Rating 4.5 Star
The newly-designed watermark software, protect and retouch your photo & video all with a few clicks. Learn More >

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