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How to Put Logo on Pictures at Once

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Putting logo on picture is the most trustworthy way to declare our ownership. To add logo to photo, we can get away from photo stealing as well as brand our creativity. Follow these steps, you can easily put logo on photos.

Every year, you travel with your families. You take numerous precious photographs on the way, which have become your best memories. You may want to upload your favorite pictures and share them on Facebook or Flickr. But you may not notice that some other guys are stealing these photos without your permission or even spread these photos in other purposes, which you will hate much. To prevent it from happening to us, we can do something before uploading, that is to put logo on picture.

 Logo on pictures - Pepsi Sample

In order to add logo to pictures or simply put a logo on a picture, you can seek help from a photo tool, which can save your work & time hugely:

The tool is the popular Watermark Software. As a lightweight niche photo software, it is pretty easy to add logo to photo. The watermark creator enables you to put logo on pictures, add signature to picture as well as add captions to photos easily for the first time.

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Simple Clicks to Put a Logo on a Picture/Put Logo on Pictures

The following is the steps teach about how to add watermark logo for photography. Now please make sure you have already downloaded photo watermark software and have it installed on Windows PC. With it open, you will see the interface like below:

Step 1 –Add Pictures to Photo Watermark Software

Step 2 – Put Logo on Pictures with Customized Settings

Step 3 – Run to Set the Output Folder and Output Format If Needed

Watermark Software interface to put logo on picture

Step 1 –Add Pictures to Photo Watermark Software

You could click “ADD IMAGES” to input the pictures that you want to add logo to. Or you could just hit “ADD FOLDER” to input a whole image folder at one time.

Step 2 – Put Logo on Pictures with Customized Settings

In order to do this, we need to go for “Image” item. Click “Add Custom Watermark” to add logo from hard drive. Or simply select the logo stored in its “Watermark Sample” library.

Watermark Software to add logo to photo

Also, you can set the logo effect by changing its opacity or using Tile mode or resizing. Blend Mode is worthy of trying.

Watermark Software to add logo to pictures

Note: You are able to place your logo wherever you want by dragging the logo on your picture.

Step 3 – Run to Set the Output Folder and Output Format If Needed

Click “Run”. You will see a new window alert, which allows you to set image format together with output folder.

Watermark Software output to put logo on picture

Now you can get how simple enough to put logo on pictures.

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