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Q. How long will I receive the license code after I complete the purchase?
A: License code sent automatically within minutes after your purchase, if you have not received it after purchase or lost it, please contact us at support@watermark-software.com, we will resend it within 24 hours.
Note: Please make sure your e-mail address or order number in the e-mail.

Q: I have finished the order but I never receive registration code, why?
1. Normally, you will receive the registration code, sent automatically by our registration agent Regnow or PayPal with in a few minutes after you finish the order.
2. Sometimes for some reasons, for example, maybe user's email service provider rejects emails from Regnow or PayPal, so the codes can not be sent to users. Don't forget check your junk/spam box.
3. If you have not received your registration information after your purchase,please send email to support@watermark-software.com to get assistance.
Note: according to our statistics, the percentage less than 0.1%.

Q: How long will it take to get your supporting response?
A: Generally, we'll reply to you within 24 hours include weekends or holidays due to the time difference. But in most cases you'll get our response in a few hours or immediately.

Q: Unable to download the program properly?
A: Please check whether virus has infected your computer. Maybe your IE setting is not perfect, please click "Internet option..." under "Tools", and then select the "General" Page, just click "Delete file...", that will be ok!

Q: Can I try your program before purchasing it?
A: Yes, you can. Our program can be free tried before purchasing it, please download from Download Page, and then install it. Please ignore the registration.

Q: What the restrict of unregistered edition?
A: If you use the unregistered edition, the software will placed "Unregistered Version" to output images/videos, and it will disappear after registry.

Q: I bought the program, but it still says it's unregistered.
A: Note: When doing the registration, please make sure that there is no space on the left/right of you name/code. We recommend you copy and paste your name and code to the register-window.

Instructions to register by copying and pasting:
1. COPY the registration code listed below by highlighting it with the mouse and pressing CTRL+C.
2. PASTE in the registration code by pressing CTRL+V in the register window box.
3. Do the same with the User Name.
4. Press "Register" on the register window box. You'll then have the full features of the program that you have ordered.

Q: How to register my software?
A: After you purchase the software successfully, you will receive registration information via Email immediately. run it. enter your name and license code in the corresponding box to finish the registration.
Note: since the license code is letter-sensitive, please COPY and PASTE the code. And don't add any blank before or after it.

Q: I bought an older version of the program. How do I upgrade it?
A: If you bought the older version, please just upgrade an existing registered copy by downloading the latest version and installing it over your existing one. And your registration data will be saved.

Q: Do I need to re-register after I re-install the software?
A: Yes. You need to re-register after you re-install the software.

Q: I lost my license code, can you send it again?
A: Sure. Please write to us at support@watermark-software.com, and please enclose your order related information (such as Order ID, E-mail address and name you used when you purchased etc.)

Q: If I want a CD-ROM of the software, what should I do?
A: You don't have to wait for the CD. You order the downloadable version of the software at the same time you order the CD. You can download the software from our website to use it at once. Please use the registration information you get from the confirmation letter to register the full version of the software.
If you still want to get the CD, please placed order via RegNow, you can 'Add CD' in purchasing process, and you need pay $9.90 for one CD.

Q: I am worried about my private information and I dislike paying online. Do I have other means to purchase your product?
A: You don't need to worry about that, our payment platform is 100% secure and support '30 day money back'. If you don't like to pay online, our payment platform RegNow support other payment ways such as Check/ Money Order, Fax Order, Phone Order etc.

Staff Assistance:

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We would like to try our best to provide you with the best products and service. So welcome any questions or suggestions. We promise to our customers that we will deal with emails within 24 hours after receiving them.

please email to us. support@watermark-software.com

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