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Windows gets update in the version to Windows 10. Watermark Software updates along with Windows version, which provides you the best Windows solution for photo watermark with greater effects.

Windows 10 watermark software

Microsoft had already stopped their supports on Windows XP, which means Windows XP will not be safe to use like before. As Win XP won’t get security updates any more along with its outdated interface, Win 7 & Win 10 have become more and more popular for their handy & safer use.

Thanks to the improvements of nicer graphics, you are able to enjoy more colorful & beautiful visual effects in Windows 7 & Windows 10. But problems come: If still used old image watermark software to sign our photos, we can waste the wonderful graphic features in Win 7/Win 10. So can we create cooler watermark in Win 7/Win 10?

The Best Window 10/Windows 7 Watermark Software

Windows watermark software is the best choice for us to design richer watermark to protect our nicer photos in respect to Windows 7 & Windows 10.

Trusted Data shows: Windows 10 is running over 200 million devices and dominates over 10% of all PC and laptops. While Win 7 is running about 50% of all PC and laptops. No doubt Win 10 & Win 7 have become the biggest OS winners.

In order to fully use Win 10 & Win 7 graphic edges, delicate Watermark Software gets optimized specially for Windows 10 & Windows 7.

These optimization includes:

1) Wider Color Gamuts:

Rich color gamut

In previous watermark creator, it supports only RGB field colors as other photo watermark software do. While in the new Watermark Software for Windows 10 & Windows 7, it supports all visible color gamuts. Thus, you have more color selections. The photos will look more full and real, including those in JPG, GIF, PNG and so forth, so that they can get fully demonstration on advanced display device.

2) Best Solution for Higher Definition Photo:
It won’t get stuck by processing high definition photos like some photo software do. And its output photos will carry higher definition.

3) Fastest Processing Speed:
Watermark Software gets updates in its running on Win 10 & Win 7. Tests show it gets 30% improvements in Win 10 and 20% improvements in Win 7. So you can save a lot of time when dealing with batch processing photos in Win 10 & Win 7.

In all, it can be your best Windows 10 watermark software. Also as watermark software for windows 7, it protects any photos of yours away from any kind of abusing in Windows 7.

Watermark software for windows 7 Sample

The Amazing Performance on watermark software for windows 7 & Windows 10

This is never just a niche photo software. It has many amazing features that beyond your thoughts & surprise you.

WordText Watermark
Add ten text watermarks, support color, size, font, shape, rotate operations as well as 3D text and so forth. Allow to make hand writing signature by its signature creator function.
WatermarkImage Watermark
Tens of image watermark are in the library to choose from. Also you can add watermark with your own image, like QR code, company logo and many more.
As an feature-rich EXIF editor, it allow to add EXIF information to piles of photos or simply a single photo.
Change photo's resolutionResize Photos
Support to resize photo with no quality losing. It’s the fastest & easiest tool to resize photos in batch.
Crop photosCrop Photo
Support batch cropping photos. Easily crop photos in high quality.
File renameBatch Rename Photos
Enables 3 step to rename photos in batch and output them in another folder.
Mosaic for photoAdd Mosaic to An Image
In Effect mode, it’s easy to add mosaic to a photo by applying Mosaic brush. Brush size, Soft, Power are all adjustable as you wish.
BokehCreate Bokeh In A Single Photo
Bokeh in Effect mode allows to create Bokeh - blur other areas while making some parts clear enough.
Image formatSupport All Photo Formats
All formats photo are allowed to be added into Watermark Software to process. And 8 other photo formats are allowed to be set as output format, together with your original one.
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This program also support run on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1...

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