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Watermark your photos to protect your photo's copyright

Last updated on Mar 26, 2020 / Posted by Christopher Woods

Part 1. What is Photo Watermark?

Part 2. Why We Need Watermark Photos

Part 3. How to Watermark Your Photos

What is Photo Watermark?

Photo watermark is a special mark which can be words, signature, logo, etc. usually these marks are unique, and that is photo watermark which on behalf of the individual, groups or company's identity, and only that person who use this can use the mark, just like the name, with strong representation. It also widely used, it is often used for photo copyright protection.

Why We Need Watermark Photos

Watermark photos is the powerful way to protect your photo's copyright. If you do not watermarking your photos and sharing or publishing them on website, internet, magazine or others, maybe some malicious people will copy or download your photo without your accede, and you would never know what would happen. So you need watermark your photos to protect your photo to avoid illegal using. If you are photographer, photo author, photo editor or picture taker, I think you love your artwork so much, so you need protect them.

How to Watermark Your Photos

Many people feel watermark photos too hard, because they do not know how to start. Actually, watermark your photos is a simple and fast process, you do not need much time to learn some technology, just need you able using computer.

Ready for start
1. Connect internet.

2. Download a program by click the button below, the name is Watermark Software, it will help you watermarking with batch mode.

Free Download Photo Watermark Software

3. Double click the installer to install Watermark Software to your computer

4. Launch to start the watermarking process.

Main interface of Watermark Software

Watermark Your Photo by Few Steps:

1 Load your photos by click "Add Files", and then click "Next" button to into editing interface.

load photos

2 (2-1) For start image watermark setting, please click "Add image" tag.

image watermark setting

2-2 Click the "folder icon" into watermark list interface.

2-3 Here you can select existing watermark or load you own watermark by click "Load Watermark" button, and then click "Ok" button to apply and exit.

2-4 Resize watermark and drag watermark locality which you want.

2-5 Click "Ok" button to apply all of image watermark settings.

2-6 Into output setting by click "Run".

3 (3-1) In output interface, the first thing is select output folder.

3-2 Select a image format for output,


Watermark Software support all popular image formats such JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, BMP, TGA, TIF, PNG, ICO, etc.

3-3 Click "Run" to start output process with fast speed, such as watermark 100 photos will less that 1 minute.

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