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Why Do We Need Watermark Photos

Mar 26, 2014 / Posted by Jenny Sun

Have you watermark your photos before they are released online, because they are unsafe. Why do we need to add watermark to photos, in the network era, if the photos are more attractive and more private, they are more vulnerable. We have to watermark photos to protect them, then you can use watermark software to watermarking your photos. We can add watermark which reflects us added to watermarks photos, so they become watermark digital photos. It can be evidence, proving photos belong to us. You can also add the date, name, or a birthday, wedding and other memorable moments to photos according to your own needs. Watermark photos will make your photos more meaningful.

If you want to make your photos unique, becoming watermark photo, how to operate watermark photos? Watermark software provides the detailed description of producing watermark photos. Just simply follow the steps below; you can add watermark in photos, easily possess your own watermarking photos.

Internet makes the world smaller and makes our living more convenient. Through internet, we can deal a lot of things without gathering people in a room to discuss solutions. We can know every event all over the world internet from internet, even a little case. It is amazing! But on the other hand, it also offers a lot of chances for the people who make use of internet to crime. So, once you using internet, you need watch out and do not make yourself easy to attack. Here, I will tell you an effective way to prevent your photos or images from unauthorized and illegal using over the internet.

Placing an overlay watermark on images that you plan to post on the Web will identify them as your own work and discourage people from copying them or claiming them as their own. You can add a semi-transparent overlay to many images automatically when you use the Web Photo Gallery Creator feature in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Just look under the "Security" section of the setup dialog.

You can design your photos or images on your web. For example, you can control the color, font, size, and position of the watermark text. Some options you may want to use for the custom text would be "Proof", "Sample", your company name and URL, or the copyright symbol.

Sounds it is complicated and not easy to do. In fact, it is very simple to watermark photos to protect your photo copyright. Let's make things easy. We have known watermark photos is an effective way to protect photo copyright, and now, we just do it, and you will know how easily it is.

How to Watermarking Photos

Please see the step to know how to watermarking photos.

Step1: Click here to download watermark photo software, install it to your PC.

Step2: Find stat icon, double-click launch the watermark software, add your photos to the watermark photo software and click "Next" to edit window.

Step3: The watermark photo software have text watermark and image watermark two watermark mode.

1) Text Watermark, simple interface will tell you how to add text watermark to photo, more details please see help file in watermark software.

text watermark photos

2) Image Watermark, simple interface will tell you how to add image watermark to photo, you can select a existing watermark or click "Browse" to loading a new watermark image. Selected lock box to binding width and height for your photo. You can adjust Opacity for your need (0-100) and adjust rotate for your need (0-360). You can choose "General" or "Tile" to place you text watermark on images, general is to place one text on images, tile is to fill full text on images. (Tile is a strong protect copyright mode)Alignment setting to control text's azimuth on images, more details please see help file in watermark photo software.

Step4: Click "Run" after you finished your editing, and choose a destination folder to save your photos, you can also change file's format or keep original format (Support all popular format).

Save watermark photos

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What is watermark? Watermark is a special mark, usually these marks are unique.

We have to wtaemrak photos to protect them, then you can use watermark software to watermarking your photos.

The so-called digital watermarking are also referred to as simply watermarking.

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In fact this is the fundamental driving force developing digital watermarks technology.
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