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If you are sharing photos via internet, someone could take the photos for their own use, or malicious revised, you might never even know. Watermark Software is professional photo watermarking tool for protect online photo's copyright.
  • Add Text Watermark to Photo
  • Over 150 Free Photo Watermarks
  • Save/load Watermark Template
  • Photo Resize, Crop, Rename
  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 & 64)
  • Add Image Watermark to Photo
  • Add Watermark to Animated GIF
  • Add Picture Frame to Photo
  • Watermarking in Batch Mode
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Watermark Software 1.3 Press Release

People who have used our software know that watermark software is a powerful image and photo protection software, and many users bought our product. At the moment, their pictures are enjoying protection from watermark software, they no longer worried about the unauthorized use of pictures.

Do you know what else functions watermark software have besides protecting images and adding watermark? That is frame editing, combined with batch processing mode, it is nearly perfect for digital camera users.
If you are a digital camera user and want your photos to be more beautiful, furthermore, you eager to get rid of the repeat work and save lots of time wasting on photo editing, then you need to know the following items. At first, In dealing with frame editing, watermark software using the Pattern and Texture two modes. In the Pattern mode, we provide finished frames for your choice, you only need to select one and add it. In texture mode, there are more editing pleasures. We provide a lot of beautiful materials and editing modes, the effect is well and delightful, the operation is very simple too, you can see photos become more beautiful in your own hands. When you have edited a template, you can apply it to all the pictures, it does not need to spend time in editing one by one; you can save it for the next use. In addition, pictures digital cameras input have the same name which begins with the camera’s brand, you can use watermark software to rename batches, just finished in a moment.

Comments by users:
1) This is the best watermark tool I have seen, it has accelerated the progress of my work, a happy weekend.
2) I like the watermark software's interface style and operating mode, it is very easy to understand.
3) Watermark software's technical support is very good, your technical staff Chris patiently replied four e-mail to me and added diagrams, my friends are also very like your software, thank you Learn more about Watermark Software.


What is watermark software ? Watermark software is a tool with produces and applies watermark, it can help you quickly complete the process of copyright protection.
What is watermark? Watermark is a special mark, usually these marks are unique.
We have to wtaemrak photos to protect them, then you can use watermark software to watermarking your photos.
The so-called digital watermarking are also referred to as simply watermarking.
Photo resize in watermark software.
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Digital watermark can identify the embedded relevant information (such as number of registered users, product logo or meaningful text, etc.)
In fact this is the fundamental driving force developing digital watermarks technology.
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Digital photo watermark software, image watermark, watermark picture

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  The unregistered edition will put DEMO words on output images. Free Trial * Free upgrade lifetime.
* Free technical support.
* Get back license key free.
* 30 day money back.
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"I had tested many programs for adding watermarks and I found your Watermark Software to be easy to use and had the most favorable results. Thank you very much!"

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