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Video to Picture 1.0 New Version Press Release

Mar 26, 2014 / Posted by Jenny Sun

In recent years, Multimedia has become an important part of the Internet, it includes online video, video sharing, picture transmission, audio-visual entertainment, and so on, and it is very popular. Videos and pictures are core parts of Multimedia. Video to Picture Converter is software which services for Multimedia. The software can capture each video screen, and then change into picture format (which can change into a single picture, pictures' sequences and GIF).

Now you can see video to picture converter can do what for you.

1) The film shots, when you see your favorite star in a film, and some poses are that you particularly like, you can use Video to Picture software to capture pictures. If you like, you can find suitable location of a star in the film, and then use Photoshop to put your own photos and photos of the star together, and print them out finally.

2) Network video shots, if you find a piece of cool video when you are surfing, Video to Picture can help you keep that.

3) The classic movie, DVD index pictures, if you are a film lover, who like collect a variety of classic films, but it is hard to identify, then you can use Video to Picture to set up a thumbnail pictures gathering, so you just need to look at pictures to find out the movie you want.

4) Make gif images, gif flash is widely applied, such as mobile phone, the Web site, and so on. You can use the Video to Picture to display the wonderful fragments of the film you like.

For more details about Video to Picture, please click Video to Picture Homepage

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What is watermark? Watermark is a special mark, usually these marks are unique.

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The so-called digital watermarking are also referred to as simply watermarking.

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