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What is Watermark Software

Mar 26, 2014 / Posted by Jenny Sun

You mus understand what is watermark first before you know what is watermark software. What is watermark software ? Watermark software is a tool with produces and applies watermark, it can help you quickly complete the process of copyright protection. And the watermark software, like watermark is divided into two types, photo watermark software and video watermark software. First of all, photo and video both are very popular things, are hard-core of the multi-media, they are easily to be found in network and daily life. It should be said that everyone can not be separated from them, is there anyone who haven't taken pictures. Well then, when you take pictures, when you publish your photos online, have you ever think that your picture will be theft, malicious modification by many people, and so on. because it is a "naked" picture, is a photograph without any marks and identity logo, people even don't know who the one in the picture is, if your photos were stolen by criminals and used for commercial purposes, have you ever thought how to effectively protect your own copyright, do you take into account whether the release of your photos is safe? Now, i believe you already know what a watermark software.

Why Do I Need Watermark Software

At present, we know what is watermark software. I think you need the help of photo watermark software. Before you publish your photos / pictures, you need to add the watermark (logo, signature, etc.) to them, confirming the identity of the pictures so that you can effectively keep the pictures safe. There are much excellent watermark software, their operations are very simple, people do not know a computer can complete the entire process easily and promptly, and then release them. And no one can move the watermark added to the picture.

How to Choose a Watermark Software

When we know what is watermark software, we need choose a watermark software for self. as a rule, first-class watermark software should have the following characteristics:

1) Simple operation, clear steps, anyone can easily use it, not as complicated as photoshop, because the watermark software's customers are not professional designers.

2) The operation process distinguishes between text watermark and image watermark, because they are two different watermark, and different people have different needs.

3) Can save user-defined watermark mode for the next use, including the watermark itself, location, transparency and all the information, to ensure the next directly use when necessary.

4) Supporting batch processing mode, it usually adds watermark for a number of pictures, or the workload will become very great.

5) It had better support some simple image editing functions, such as adding frame to photos, adjusting the size and so on.

Watermark Software, great photo watermark software can add text and image to your photos or digital images, will prevent from removing watermark and stealing the photos. Support most of popular photo formats. Supports batch watermark at one time and enable users design by themselves. Offers fast speed, good quality, friendly and easy-to-use interface. It is only $24.90, click the "Free Download" button to download it now!

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