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What is Watermark

Mar 26, 2014 / Posted by Jenny Sun

What is watermark? Watermark is a special mark, usually these marks are unique, that is watermark is on behalf of the individual, groups or company's identity, and only that person can use the mark, just like the name, with strong representation. Watermark is widely used, it is often used for copyright protection. Add your particular watermark to some objects or commodities, so no one can use your commodities unauthorized. Now, i believe you already know what a watermark.

What is Photo Watermark and Video Watermark

When we know what is watermark, we need know what is photo watermark? We have to understand the appliance of watermark in the computer; watermark can be divided into photo watermark and video watermark. I think the photo watermark is very easy to understand, that is, add the watermark with a logo, signature and other special markings to the picture, in order to keep looking over the pictures expediently, it often be located in the corner of the picture, it is designed to protect the picture from unauthorized use. But sometimes it is located in the middle of the picture, such as adding watermark to someone's own design; it needs strong protection of the picture. Photo watermark is a common way to protect images, and no one can remove the watermark, it's photo watermark.

Next we come to understand what is video watermark, if you frequently browse the web video, then you must have seen video watermark, it placed the logo at somewhere of a video, aims to let you know where this is from. In addition to the protection of a video, but also it plays a very good advocacy role, not less than online advertising, YouTube is a good example. Because of the current network was also flawed in many ways, so the originality and copyright in the network are difficult to obtain effective maintenance, so we must have the awareness of safeguarding our own rights and interests, whether it is works or photos, or a travel video. Before you release them on the Internet, please add watermark, in this way, not only safeguard your own copyright, but also effectively strike those pirated staff. Click here to learn how to create watermark.

Now, I believe that you fully understand what is the watermark, please click the green button to download photo watermark software.

Use the watermark to protect your own copyright

In daily life, watermark is also very common, such as business cards is also a kind of watermark, and so on. If you do not have a correct understanding about the watermark formerly. Well then, when we know what is watermark,please use the watermark to protect your own copyright. You can also learn what is watermark software.

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What is watermark software? Watermark software is a tool with produces and applies watermark, it can help you quickly complete the process of copyright protection.

What is watermark? Watermark is a special mark, usually these marks are unique.

We have to wtaemrak photos to protect them, then you can use watermark software to watermarking your photos.

The so-called digital watermarking are also referred to as simply watermarking.

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