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If you are sharing photos via internet, someone could take the photos for their own use, or malicious revised, you might never even know. Watermark Software is professional photo watermarking tool for protect online photo's copyright.
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  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 & 64)
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  • Watermarking in Batch Mode
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Watermark Software V1.1 Press Release

Today's network has fully enter the time of reading pictures; people prefer the content of the image to lots of letters. According to statistics, "google" embodies more than one billion pages of pictures. Online sellers are used to displaying their products with pictures, game websites like to use big pictures to make web pages, and the designers prefer to use pictures communicating with each other. Pictures' superiority is so obvious, and then do you know who is the owner of these pictures.
The copyright of photos is very fragile, if you upload a high-quality picture on the website, there will be countless unauthorized people abusing, tampering, or possessing themselves of your picture, alleging that they are the original owner, and so on. These severely cause damage to your interests and reputation. Under such circumstances, we must protect our pictures firstly, and then upload to the network, in this way; we could ensure that they will not be subject to unauthorized use. Watermark Software 1.1 is such a software which is designed to protect your pictures' copyright, just by a few simple operating steps, you can upload your pictures and set your heart at rest.
1. Find pictures you want to protect.
2. Input these pictures into Watermark Software, supporting inputting in batches.
3. Add your individual logo, individual signature, company information and some other symbols which could be on behalf of you or your company's to pictures.
4. Upload your picture on the website. In this way, you need not to worry about anyone use or modify your pictures unauthorized any more, because your information is on pictures, and no one can remove it. Watermark Software Functions
1. Add visible text and image watermarks to your any digital photos and pictures.
2. Add beautiful frames to your pictures, making it more attractive. And we offer abundant frame materials free of charge; regularly updating, let you enjoy the different editing joy.
3. Photo resize, Crop images, rename and other functions are completely set in, and supporting the batch editing mode, completing all the images once, saving you precious time.
4. Can convert JPEG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PNG ... all popular image formats.


What is watermark software ? Watermark software is a tool with produces and applies watermark, it can help you quickly complete the process of copyright protection.
What is watermark? Watermark is a special mark, usually these marks are unique.
We have to wtaemrak photos to protect them, then you can use watermark software to watermarking your photos.
The so-called digital watermarking are also referred to as simply watermarking.
Photo resize in watermark software.
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Digital watermark can identify the embedded relevant information (such as number of registered users, product logo or meaningful text, etc.)
In fact this is the fundamental driving force developing digital watermarks technology.
Watermark Software Purpose
Digital photo watermark software, image watermark, watermark picture

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  The unregistered edition will put DEMO words on output images. Free Trial * Free upgrade lifetime.
* Free technical support.
* Get back license key free.
* 30 day money back.
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"I had tested many programs for adding watermarks and I found your Watermark Software to be easy to use and had the most favorable results. Thank you very much!"

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