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Watermark Software V1.0 New Version

Mar 26, 2014 / Posted by Jenny Sun

Watermark Software 1.0 release to 10-06-2008, is a software hammering at picture protection launched by Watermark Studio. To the maximum extent, this software can protect your Internet pictures from being peculated; it is the world's most professional image watermark software currently.

Before publishing the Watermark Software 1.0, we conducted many times market research, we found that users need not only a picture protection program, but also the humanized operation and high efficiency, especially for some users who are not so familiar with the software operation, they need a software which could guide them to complete the entire process of the picture protection to shorten the time they spend in mastering the software.

In terms of software arrangements, we compartmentalize the mode of watermark into text watermark and image watermark, either a signature or a logo you want add to images, it would be very easily. In the text watermark, we not only list the specific arrangement of settings, such as: font, style, color, shadow, opacity, rotation and so on; it also supports the insertion of some special information such as: photo date, system time, photo name, photo size, copyright sign and special symbols, etc.In substance, it has been able to meet the settings request of text watermark from all users. In the image watermark, we support partially transparent images (including transparent channel picture), such as PNG, TGA, TIF, GIF, etc. we also provide a lot of image watermark material, and regularly updated material library, and these materials are free of charge. Another feature is the powerful frame (frame) editing functions which also contains an abundant material library. Others such as convert image format, photo resize, crop image, are fully supported. All the compilations of Watermark Software support batch mode.

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