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A Great Watermark Creator for Photos

Nov 20, 2015 / by

Like to share your travel photos online? An excellent way to show your wonderful life. However, you are running the risk of losing your photo’s copyright. After much effort and time has been put to your photos, suddenly they are presented by others without your permission and authorization, while you don’t have any way to defend your copyright. Thus, you need Watermark Creator.

What is a watermark creator

Watermark creator is a specialized software tool for protecting photo owner’s copyright by adding text, image, signature or logo to your photo. It perfectly avoids unauthorized use by others. Besides, it also can retouch your photos, making photos more vividly.

copyright protection

Watermarks are various, imagetext, logo, even users’ own designs, no matter in what form they appear on photos, they all can protecte the copyright. When create watermark to photo, manufacturer may use a stylized logo, fine art photos may create an unique pattern to cover entire sheet of photos, and others may use the photos’ information(recycled content, name, shoot time, etc.

How to Make Photo Safety with A Watermark Creator

Watermark Software is a versatile and easy-to-use watermark creator. It can create text watermark and image watermark to photos or digital images. 150 + watermark materials have been embedded in it. If you don’t like them, you can also design your own or upload to it. After watermarking photos, these watermarks can’t be removed by others. Besides, it supports almost all input/output image file formats, no missing batch watermarking is also available.

With fast speed, zero quality loss, easy-to-use interface, this program will be your first choice. Below is a tutorial of creating watermarks:

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Step 1
Launch, choose the pictures which you want to adding watermark to your photos and click "Next Step" to edit window. Then, click "Image" item to editing page.

Tip: It also enables you to directly drag the pictures to the software. And adding a whole image folder is also allowed.

add image

Step 2, Add files.
Select existing watermarking image from Sample. Click "OK". Or you can just load your own watermarks from hard disk.

photo watermark

Step 3, Edit.
Watermark software's simple interface will tell you how to set here to adjust aspect ratio of image watermark(Default: W=1, H=1), selected lock box to binding width and height for your photo. You can adjust Opacity for your need (0-100) and adjust rotate for your need (0-360). You can choose "General" or "Tile" to place you text watermark on images, general is to place one text on images, tile is to fill full text on images. (Tile is a strong protect copyright mode)Alignment setting to control text's azimuth on images.

watermark setting

Step 4.
After all the settings are done, hit the “Next Step” button. We come to the last step. Click "Run". And soon later, the whole process will be OK.

Watermark your photos is very easy, why not protect your photo copyright with watermark software right now?

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