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Use Photo Watermark to Protect Your Shared Photos

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Why We Use Photo Watermark

Did you ever see photos with watermarks on the web pages which you were browsing? Do you want to watermark photos just like those? A lot of great photos of yours are used by so many strangers, and those people may ruin them. Such great photos would be transferred here and there, and as time goes by, no one knows who shoot them. That means, you lost your photo's copyright. To protect your property online, doing some useful watermarking is necessary now. But, what is photo watermark?

Why Use Photo Watermark

What is Photo Watermark

It's a special mark, which is on behalf of the individual, groups or company's identity. It's just like the name, signature or logo, with strong representation. Watermark is widely used for image copyright protection. Add your particular image watermark to some objects such as pictures/artworks. So no one can use your pictures without your authorization.

What is Photo Watermark

How to Use Photo Watermark

First, you should choose a useful tool which will help you watermark photos quickly. Watermark Software is such powerful but easy-to-use application, enabling you to put watermark on your photos or digital images with the easiest and most efficient way. Besides, if you have hundreds of pictures to be watermarked, the advanced batch watermarking mode will let you watermark them in just 1 minute!

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And now follow the step-by-step guide on how to watermark photos effectively below. You'll easily handle the skill and become an expert.

Step 1 - Add Your Image Files

Before adding, make sure you have downloaded, installed and open this software on your computer.

Click "Add Files" to import images to the software.

Press "Next" to the editing window.

Select the "Add Image" item and you'll get to the Image Watermark window.

Add Image Files

Note: You are also allowed to import a whole image folder if needed. Meanwhile, after adding some photos, you can see its detailed information on the right side of the main interface directly like photo size, format, etc.

Step 2 - Add Image Watermark with Customized Settings

Click "Browse". You can choose the existing image watermarks.

If you want to use your own logo, signature image, you can hit the "Load Watermark "button. Then click "OK".

Click the "Apply" button to create the watermark layer.

Hit "Next".

Add Image Watermark

Note: You are also able to resize the image watermark or adjust Opacity (0-100) and set rotate (0-360).In addition, it allows you to place the watermark wherever you want.

Step 3 – Start the Watermarking Process

Specify output folder and output format.

Click “Run” to start the whole process.

Choose Output Folder and Format

See? The process of watermarking your photos is very easy! Why not protect your photo copyright right now with the photo watermark tool?

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