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What is the Best Alternative to PicMonkey on Watermarking Photos

Last updated on Mar 26, 2020 / Posted by Christopher Woods

Part 1. PicMonkey Watermark

Part 2. How to Create a Watermark and Add Watermark to Photo with Watermark Software

PicMonkey Watermark

Among all kinds of online photo editing software, PicMonkey has long been considered to be the leading service. PicMonkey has a feature combination of Crop, Rotate, Textures, Overlays, and one-click effects. You can add watermark, logo, or overlay with PicMonkey's online photo editing tool. Here is a brief tutorial for PicMonkey watermark.

1. Open a photo saved in your computer.
2. Click the "butterfly" icon on the left side of the panel.
3. Click "Your Own" at the top of the list of overlays to select your previously created logo or watermark.
4. Adjust the watermark(s).
5. Save the watermarked image to your computer, OneDrive or Dropbox. Alternatively you may directly share it to your gregarious website.

For a beginning learner, the method of watermarking photos in PicMonkey seems to be actually simple and easy to learn. While we need to recognize that, powerful PicMonkey does not support watermarking a bulk photos at the same time, which will lead to a cumbersome process to create a watermark and add watermark to photo one after another. It wastes a lot of time. Indeed, we should not ask too much of PicMonkey watermark, because after all, it doesn’t specialize in watermark photos. So, you might ask, are there other watermark photo tool or watermarking software can make up for PicMonkey on this point? The answer is definitely yes. Watermark Software stands out.

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How to Create a Watermark and Add Watermark to Photo with Watermark Software

Watermark Software provides you a batch watermarking mode option. It can watermark 500 Photos in 1 minute.

Create and add watermark to photo with Watermark Software

After loading photos, click to enter “Image" window to add image watermark to your digital photos. You can choose to put either a sample image watermark or a picture/logo in your computer to photos.

Besides image watermark, as you can see in the main interface, there are two other watermark types – Text image and Frame. You are allowed to type any textual content you wish onto photo as watermark or append a frame around the photo, and save, go to next step.

To guard against any unforeseeable steal and unauthorized using, you’d better watermark photos. No individual, groups or tools have the power to remove the watermark. Watermark Software makes it easy and clear to reach the photo editing, quick watermarking in batches and sharing your creation with your buddies.

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