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The top 1 watermark software, provide professional image protection solutions for your online photos.

How Do You Know that Your Photos Are Secure?

If you are sharing your photos on the internet, you are at the risk of losing them. Someone would take the photos for their own using, or malicious revised, you might never even know.

Watermark Software is professional watermarking program for protecting online photo's copyright. It can add text watermark, image watermark, logo and signature to photos without unauthorized using. Watermark Software also supports batch mode. And the process of adding watermark to 500 pictures will be in less than 1 minute.

1 Minute watermark 500 photos
Support all image formats including animated GIF

Add text watermark to photo

Add image watermark to photo

Watermark animated GIF

Save/load watermark project

Photo frame/resize/crop/...

V6.4 | Apr 16, 2014
$29.90 $24.90

Text Watermark

A common way to protect images with adding your name, nickname, signature, date to photo.

Image Watermark

Allows you to add image to preventing others from removing watermark and stealing photo. There are lot of free watermarks

Pretty Frames

Watermark Software provides many picture frames that you can add and edit the frames to retouch your photo at your will.

EXIF Editor

It's invisible watermark embed your image file, also a strong proof of copyright

Photo Resize

Two modes Pixel and Percentage for various photo sizes, optimize the quality automatically

Batch Rename

Powerful template let you rename hundreds of files immediately

Photo Cropping

Removing unwanted area of photo, enlarge the important area of photo and make your photo smaller than original

Support All of Photo Formats

Add photos with different formats to watermark software, it will process them at once

Video Watermark Software

Watermarking your videos with accurate time point.

Focus on video watermarking & video editing.

Ever worried about your video will be unauthorized using and sharing? When people watch your video, you may need to add ownership information to your video, ensuring that viewers know the source.

Video Watermark Pro allows you to embed text, image, logo, signature and animated image to your video in batch mode. Video Watermark provides simple operation, friendly interface and high speed process, so the video watermarking process becomes very easy and fast. You will finish putting watermark to video (you can also convert video format at one time) with few clicks, and you do not need to wait for a long time.

Add Watermark to lots of videos at once
Complete control over watermark appearing time

Add text watermark to video

Add image watermark to video

Add shape animation to video

Video format conversion

Video effects/player/snapshot

V5.1 | Feb 21, 2014
$99.90 $34.95
Provides 3 Watermark Modes for Your Video

Text Watermark - Allow to add text incl. Copyright Symbol, Registered Symbol and TM to videos and customize text watermark by adjusting text opacity, font options, rotating text, etc.

Image Watermark - Allow to add image watermark (incl. animated image watermark) to your videos. Support to make layer styles, which enables to mix effects between watermark and video.

Add Shape to Video - Allow to easily embed line segment, curve, rectangle and round shape into video.

Batch watermark and convert all of your videos with ultrafast speed.

Timeline Editing

Accurately control timeline of watermark.

Create dynamic effect of watermark with ease, just like watermark appear, disappear, scrolling subtitle, animated image in movie.

Video Effect

Provide rich video effects like brightness, contrast, mosaic, blur, sharpen, noise, old film, etc.

Personalize video with simple steps

Video Conversion

Allow to convert formats, well support 12 video formats incl. AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc.

Video to Picture

Video to Picture Converter

Capable of converting almost all frequently used video files to JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, TIF, PCX, PNG and ICO image...

Video to Picture

Video to GIF Converter

Easily and fast create high quality animated GIF files from video clips...

Video to Picture

SWF to GIF Converter

Change the file format from SWF into animated GIF or seriate images...


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Watermark Software provides users with a fast, efficient way to stamp a photo with their personal message. Thanks to its inventive options and simple navigation, even the most novice user can create a watermark ...


Using this application you can add watermarks created with text, images or logos and adjust their sizes, transparency and colors...


Watermark software is a professional photo watermark creator. It can helps you add text, image and logo to your pictures to protect your copyrights, only watermarking software can ensure your pictures are protected from unauthorized use....

User review

"I have tried many programs for adding watermarks and I found your program to be easy to use and had the most favorable results. Thank u very much!"

- Constance Hawes

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